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Perfect French Manicure

If you have more time on your arms, You should give yourself an at dwelling French manicure. It is not as beautiful as getting one in a salon, however still a deal with nonetheless. First, you need to soak your palms and scrub them perfectly with an exfoliating scrub. Subsequent you need to trim and form the nails. After that, you can apply a base coat of polish to my nails.

When you are applying paint to the tip of your nails, you should try some different thing. You should use those tape strips that you would be able to buy a French manicure kit. They don’t seem to work for you. Once you peel the tape off, half the time the polish comes off with it. The opposite half of the time you find out that you have managed to color beneath the tape. But you can use an excellent thin brush, like an eyeliner brush. Next, you simply take your time and apply a really beautiful thin strip to the ideas of your nail. After permitting the tips to dry, it is the time to use the pink or beige top coat. Lastly, you can try a transparent chip-proof top coat to my new French manicure.