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Acrylic Nails

An acrylic system is an excellent option for making hands attractive and creative. It is also the best choice for those women who have brittle and weak nails. Also, it can be a great option for those who have an appalling habit to chew their nails as they are hard to chew off. The acrylic system came into fashion many years ago even longer than their counterparts. So, a maximum number of experts have strong experience about how to use acrylic entirely. So, you don’t need to take much worry about the side effects. Also, the best thing with them is, they are cheaper than their counterparts. So, this system is lighter on the wallet. The major benefit with this duplicate nail system is that, if they break, you can quickly fix then at home by using right tools. You don’t need to spend lots of money to fix them. At last, the major advantage with them is, they stay longer than gel nails.

Still, there have many cons with an acrylic system which your nail experts never informed you. This system can damage your natural nail underneath. Also, it can be hard to grow out your natural nails with acrylic cover them. There also have one more risk; you should remember that damage nails are breeding ground for fungus and bacteria. As we all know that acrylic system is duplicate so sometimes it presents a fake look. So, you need an experienced and knowledgeable expert who can do the work as close to natural ones. Use of duplicate nails involves the use of very active chemicals as well as the formation of fumes. Some women may face problems with this chemicals. After applying duplicate nail, you need to refilling it every month so need to spend some extra bucks for that.