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About Microblading Tools

Apart from these basic , Microblading Tools, Chen and her team take microblading a step further by also offering some additional accessories to make the process easy and efficient for both the professional as well as the client. Some of these include:

  • After care serum: Used to give a soothing relief from the treatment and should be used post microblading.
  • Barrier cream: Fragrance and latex-free, it helps prevent scarring and infections and is best for color retention.
  • Sticky rulers: Perfect for drawing eyebrows with ease. Should be used only once.
  • Drawing pencil: Can be chosen in black or brown to trace eyebrows.
  • Face mask: This makes it easy for the user to talk or breath and is comfortable for the professional to work with ease.
  • Saline paste: To correct mistakes during the process and also fade old tattoo marks.
  • Topical anesthetic: Prevents swelling and reddening during the process and reduces pain.

To know how to best use these tools, it is advisable to sign up for Irina’s microblading classes which teach you everything from the basics to being a microblading professional. The details and complete schedules are available on the official website.

One is also offered a completion certificate with access to Irina’s private Facebook group for a year and a free kit with basic tools for microblading.